Letters of the
Lost Children

Japan — World War II

Book Contents


Part One:
Prelude to Perseverance

7 Dedication
8 Authors Notes
9-10 Preface
11 Thank You
12-13 Introduction
14-15 Imperial Japan


Part Two:
Emperors and Epics

18-22 Hirohito—the Man the Mission and the Message
23 Empress Kojun
24-25 Three Treasures of the Imperial Throne
26-28 Occupied Japan 1945-1952
29-34 The History of Education in Japan
35-37 Why Are They the Lost Children?


Part Three:
Letters and Legions

41-43 My Life Is but Notes of a Song in the Wind Fleeting to Heaven
44-45 The Land of the Dragonfly
46-47 Love Seen through the Eyes of Three Faces
48-49 I Shall Soar to the Snow-white Peaks of Mount Yarigatake
51-53 Song to the Chrysanthemum
54-55 I Have Just Returned
56-58 Two Tombs
59-61 Dignity of the Willows
62-63 Once Again I See the Full Moon of Autumn
64-65 To the Woman Whose Heart Is as Pure as the Momo Fruit


Part Four:
Conquests and Anticipations 

68-69 Festival Games
70-73 Fear Paves the Way to Hatred
74-76 I Will Once Again Eat at Your Table
77 The Japanese Tea Ceremony
78-79 Bewitching Fox
80-81 The Bark of the Dog Signals the Impending Future


Part Five:
Triumph and Trilogy

84-85 The Road Human Beings Should Follow
86-87 The Significance of Life is One of Valor
88-89 Glory Is but a Mirage Pressed in the Minds of the Young
90-91 Home Is in the Heart of the Soul
92-93 The Father Needs the Son as the Son Needs the Father
94-95 Friends
96-97 The Way of the Warrior
98 Gentlemen Warriors: Samurai Tradition
99 Quotations
100-101 Dedicated to All Who Have Been Honored in the Pages of This Book


Part Six:

105-108 Glossary
109 References
110 A Message for You from the Authors
111-113 Notes